Just How Important Is Finding A Good Builder?

For those in the market for a new home, finding a good builder is probably one of the most important and contentious issues they will face. It can be very frustrating at the beginning of this process, especially if you don’t really have any guidelines to follow. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is to ask around as a good builder is hard to find and one who is not up to scratch will, unfortunately, be more well-known than the good one! Look for a builder who has been in the business for some time who has a good reputation and who will deal with you in a professional manner and be there to meet your needs. You need to be dealing with someone who can communicate with you and who listens to exactly what you want.

What you don’t need, when building a new home, is any unforeseen circumstances or hidden surprises. Be sure that your builder is on hand to help you obtain your building consent to start with and then to ensure that you build to the correct specifications. These are the absolute basic requirements for a ‘happy’ build, so if you can trust your builder from the outset, there should be no problems. Every person is unique and no two homes are the same, so your builder is the one who needs to be listening to you, your ideas and your needs.

Asbestos removal in your home

Asbestos removal


Do you know what asbestos is?


You may wonder why you need asbestos removal or even what asbestos is. Asbestos is a natural fibrous material. Asbestos removal is important if you find that it has become damaged and fibres are now airborne putting you at risk.


The dangers


The main danger from asbestos comes from the inhalation of its fibres. These can cause serious diseases such as certain lung cancers, mesothelioma, and breathing problems. It is common in low levels in most environments but it is when the fibres become airborne that problems may arise.

Direct exposure puts you at a higher risk and repeated exposure will have a cumulative effect. A large proportion of asbestos related diseases effect those working in industrial positions were asbestos is




Asbestos was a widely used product in the construction industry from around the 1950’s to Mid 90’s. It was used extensively in many building products and materials. It was mainly used due to its insulation properties, and its resilience to fire and corrosion. Amongst products used in the home it was ideal for textured coatings, floor tiles, textiles, composites, sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls and beams, insulating board, lagging, cement, and loose in ceiling or floor cavities.


Were it could be in your home


It can be hard to locate asbestos in the home due to how it was used, which sometimes meant products contained a mixture of asbestos within them. Below is a common list of home items you may find contain asbestos.

Lagging and insulation

Found around heating systems and pipes considered the most dangerous as fibres are prone to easy release once damaged.

Loose asbestos in cavity walls

Located under floorboards and in the loft. It’s identifiable by being fluffy and a blue-grey or white colour.

Sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls and beams.

Can be a white or grey colour that has a generally rough surface.

Textured decorative coatings.

Hard, and may be white or have been painted over.

Floor tiles,

These may be visible or still remaining under carpet.


These are generally items such as old fire blankets and heat-resistant gloves.


Our Thoughts

Asbestos removal is important and should always be taken seriously. If you’re concerned your home contains asbestos you should ensure you contact a professional asbestos removal company. For more advice we are located at Church Walk, Nottingham NG9 8DE alternatively call 0115 939 758.

Working safely with Sheffield Scaffolding



When working with Sheffield scaffolding the primary concerns can be reduced to three key things;

  1. The safety of your scaffolding
  2. Whether appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is being used
  3. Are safety practices being followed?

The safety of your scaffolding

What makes scaffolding safe is its overall design and structure. This is why regular maintenance and checks of how the scaffolding is keeping during erection is important, especially in preparation for use.

Checking the following is vital before any work is carried out;

  • That the scaffolding is capable of holding the desired capacity of weight and that all its footings are firmly secure.
  • That guardrail’s have been placed to the correct measurements of two inches by four inches and three to three and a half feet high.
  • Ensure all poles, legs and cross braces are secure and stable.

Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to help increase protection from accidents. Were it is required you should always wear the essential elements of your PPE to ensure you are protected. These essential items when working with scaffolding usually include;

  • Hard Hats
  • Non-Skid Shoes
  • Safely Harness or Belt

Following safety practices

Here are some of the most necessary safety practices you will need to ensure are taken when working with Sheffield scaffolding. These will help to reduce the risk of accidents and increase the potential safety of your scaffolding area.

  • Be sure the scaffolding is firmly secured
  • Do not overload or exceed the weigh capacity of your scaffolding
  • Only keep essential items, tools and materials on your scaffolding
  • In times of bad weather, use sand on the surface of your scaffolding to prevent the surface from becoming slippery
  • Always maintain being alert and concentrate on those working below
  • At the end of each shift remove all equipment and debris

Our Thoughts

As a Sheffield scaffolding company we know safety is of vital importance. Scaffolding safety can be greatly increased by following these essential tips. If you’re in need of advice surrounding scaffolding then Access 4 U Scaffolding Ltd located at 16 Bishopdale Rise, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 5PE‎            01142 997993 can help you.